Ballmer: ‘Bunch’ Of Nokia Windows Phones To Be Unveiled During Nokia World

Elop and Ballmer

Not the one to be outdone by Google, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted that a ‘bunch of Nokia Windows Phones’ during the Nokia World.

Nokia World is Nokia’s Annual event, where the Finnish giant shows its new devices off. Last time around, Symbian^3 devices were the highlight. But a lot has changed since then and this time, Windows Phone will be the centre of attraction. Nokia and Microsoft have entered into a partnership, and will work towards the creation of an entirely new ecosystem.

Which devices could be announced?

  1. Nokia SeaRay (or Nokia 800)
  2. Nokia Sabre
  3. Nokia Ace
Bunch could be more than 3, most probably. Assuming so, we are yet to hear about the remaining devices – nothing apart from the above three have/has been leaked, and that could be because –
  • They are not very interesting, specs wise
  • Nokia has done a great job in maintaining the secrecy about those devices
  • There are no more devices that will be shown off at Nokia World, apart from the above three
Could be anything. Only time will tell. Or leaks. Perhaps.