Betalabs Checks In With Foursquare For S40, S60 and Symbian


Calm down, and soak in this little piece of info ‘check-in’. I’ve always loved the Betalabs peeps, for they come out with really good apps from time to time. And this time again, they’ve released an updated version of Foursquare for S40, with support for S60 and Symbian, a.k.a., Symbian^3 thrown in as well. I guess every Nokia out there which has internet should be good for this Java app.




I did try this app. It’s quite okayish (and sometimes sluggish). It’s a Beta app, so that’s a given. Startup time is well beyond 25 seconds, something that should be improved. You can Shout, Check-in and look for nearby places as well. The maps are somewhat like Ovi Maps. Zoom in with ‘*’ and zoom out with ‘#’, just like in Ovi Maps. Oh well, I should say this – I’ve tried it on E63, which doesn’t have GPS. Still, you can check-in and do all the regular stuff. That is it to this app for now.

Instructions –

1: Point your mobile browser to

2: Open the installed application

3: Enter your login details and you’re good to go. Sign up on Foursquare if you haven’t yet.

Happy Check-in’ing!

Posted by Wordmobi