Canalys: 1.2 Million Nokia Lumias Shipped, 0.6 Million N9s Too

Nokia N9 Lumia 800

Image courtesy - ZDNet

Always wondered how many Lumia devices and N9s were actually shipped? You sure did. Nokia hadn’t made the shipment figures official when it released its earnings report, but here’s a report by analyst house Canalys that suggests Nokia could ship twice as many Lumias as the Nokia N9.

Canalys suggests that Nokia managed to ship about 1.2 Million Lumias, and a mere 0.6 Million N9s. However, do note that this dismisses Eldar’s claims that Nokia had only 92,000 N9s it would sell. The 0.6 Million figure is more than 6 times the 92k claim made by that man. And although Canalys is an analyst house, and it need not be always right, they’re more reliable. So yeah.

Which device did you buy, a Lumia, or the N9?

Canalys via Source