Dell Venue Pro And Samsung Omnia W Receiving Tango Updates

Dell Venue Pro Tango

Remember the ol’ Dell Venue Pro? One of the first Windows Phones, it was launched a couple of years back. Quite surprising to see Dell pushing out a timely update, and for a device that’s 2 years old, really, because I don’t trust them to push out any update, at all! I’ve had that experience with them, so yeah.

Samsung Omnia W Tango

Samsung’s Omnia W also started receiving the Tango update, and considering it’s Samsung, it’s surprising, again! Samsung isn’t known for pushing out updates as quickly, which a lot of Galaxy S2 owners from India can vouch for.

Nokia, on the other hand, seems to have started Tango rollout, but it’s not available here in India, at least.

Tango brings a couple of improvements to the table, which are –

  • Posts. Add new messaging features to your phone. Now you can attach multiple images, videos, audio notes and tones to text messages.
  • SIM card. Add functions related to the SIM card contacts. Now you can export contacts from phone to SIM card and import selected contacts from the SIM card to phone.
  • Other improvements in quality. includes many other enhancements for Windows Phone.

The new build number stands at v7.10.8773.98. My HTC HD7 is currently running 7.10.8107, and honestly, even though the update doesn’t bring much to the table, there’s an annoying Wi-Fi bug, which I hope will be solved with Tango, so, I can’t wait!