Developers, You Can Port Your Android Apps To The Awesome N9 With Alien Dalvik

Nokia N9

Nokia N9

There’s this thing about Open Source. It is free, and it is awesome. Just like the Nokia N9. Running on a variant (or mish mash) of MeeGo and Maemo, and called by Nokia as MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, this is currently Nokia’s best. And yes, it is a show off to world about the Finnish giant’s capabilities.

But then, there is this acute shortage of apps that this poor device may face. One hopes it is not bastardised by it’s company, but well.

Enter Alien Dalvik.

All the developers who want to have their apps ported to this device can use Alien Dalvik. All they have to do is, repackage their Android apps’ .apk files and these can happily run on devices having Alien Dalvik installed. The apps will behave exactly like they do on Androids, so no potential issue there.

Myriad, developers of Alien Dalvik system have promised to bring it to MeeGo some time later this year.

There is a video as well..