Random employees at Nokia and MS not happy with anti-Lumia reviews, reflect their anger through comments

Yes you read that right. Some employees at Microsoft and Nokia are using foul tactics against any anti-Lumia 800. Yogesh Sapkale wrote a “review” of the Lumia 800 on his website moneylife.in. The review was not an actual review but a comparison of specifications of Galaxy S2 and Lumia 800. I personally don’t  feel anyone can compare two phones based on specifications only when they run two very different Operating systems. But everyone has his own opinions. I don’t blame the reviewer because he had made it clear that he never used the Lumia 800 for review purpose.

The “review” was ranked #1 in Google News search results and received a lot of mixed comments. There were two comments that were actually from Nokia and Microsoft. A random guy named Aditya Agrawal posted from IP address which belongs to Microsoft. Details here. We can assume him to be an employee at Microsoft.

Another guy Harish posted numerous negative comments from IP address which belongs to Nokia.


He did not even spare Google.

Since moneylife was kind enough to reveal his email address, I was able to track similar comments on buisinessinsider.com

Another famous blogger confirmed that he also tracked similar activity on his blog when he posted about the price of being too high.

Is it the first time? No. We have numerous unconfirmed cases when anti-Android posts were ranked lower than expected in Google Search results. The Rightware Browsermark benchmark scores for Nokia N8 were lower after Anna update while other scores like HTML5 and JavaScript performance showed improvements pointing towards foul play.

However this direct attack by Microsoft and Nokia employees is a shocker. And unfortunately it will not do any good to their companies.  Als next time use HideMyAss or Hotspot Shield before making such comments :-p


All screenshots used in this post are from moneylife.in and businessinsider.com