Download: Mobile Documents from Visiarc

So, you own a Nokia and have Nokia Messaging for Email (we love the service, but hate the long name; hint- ‘nokia email’?) that pushes your mail directly on your device? And you can have upto 10 accounts active at the same time? That doesn’t mean you should ignore other push mail apps! We certainly wont. And so we have Mobile Documents installed on our device.


This time around, we thought we’ll convey using snapshots and explain wherever necessary – snapshots certainly speak for themselves!
First things first, you need to sign up at Visiarc or from the app itself. Wait till you’re invited to use the application. After being invited and after you’re done with the formalities (yes, we’re bored of ’em), download the app by clicking here from your mobile browser. If your device is supported, then download the app and install it.


After you’re done with it, login and create a 4-digit PIN (imitating Berry?).


We liked the fact that there’s an option to create a PIN, something that we want Nokia Messaging to implement.

Next up is setting up other email accounts. Hit Add Email Account on the main screen.


We had this annoying problem of the screen going blank whenever we returned from the ‘setup new account’ screen.

Moving on, there wasn’t a sync option too. One can set the sync interval though, but then, it is possible that app doesn’t synchronise properly. A separate sync option always comes in handy.

There are not many settings that you can play around with in Mobile Documents – just the basic ones, whereas Nokia Messaging offers a lot more customization – another area where NM for Email beats Mobile Documents hands down. Again, it does not download the email unlike NM, so, it takes quite some time before you can read the mail. The mail download time varied between 15-25 seconds, i.e., the time taken after you click the mail and you are able to read it. Certainly something we do not like.


But, yes, a big but… Mobile Documents offers one handy feature – Documents. One can edit, download, upload and share documents. We liked this aspect. Kudos Visiarc!

We perhaps didn’t have documents that we could view the second time we installed it… But, we snapped this screen the first time –



One can view documents like .pdf files, .doc etc.. To be honest, the zoom in/out feature was not very good, though desirable. The image was blurred and we really could not understand what it was. The Adobe PDF reader does the job very well on my E63, but what about those who do not have PDF reader? It certainly didn’t live up to our expectations.

The app is still in Beta, so, these bugs are obvious. Mobile Documents does try to live up to its grand name, fails to impress us for now. NM for Email is our choice of push mail service for now and till the time it retains its quality. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments section below.

PS: you can download the app from Ovi Store too, but we recommend downloading via mobile browser – you’ll get the latest version that way. Don’t forget to give the service a try before coming to conclusions. Cheers!

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