Download: Revolve, now reviewed!

Another free game in the Ovi store and another review we have. No folks, its not Gameloft this time, its Fluid Pixel, providing Revolve, a puzzle game for Nokia devices, not asking a single penny!


It is a flash-based game, so it may possibly run on even S40 devices. And, it is AD supported, justifying its O cost. Dont worry, its worth it 🙂




What is this game about? Well, its about revolving. Not around something or someone, but revolving the board on your screen. Confused?! So was i. Check the screenshots below to get an idea.




Seems simple, eh? Looks like it, but looks do deceive. Some levels are too easy, and some are irritatingly difficult. Its like solving a crossword, you know what the clue means, but you’re not able to recollect the word.

A simple, yet great game. A must have for people who love to solve crosswords and like playing solitaire and such stuff. I have it on mine, do you?!

Get it from the Ovi Store now!!

Posted by Wordmobi