Download: Youlu Phonebook

Phonebook with Lots of Functionalities

While browsing the mobile web couple of days ago, I came across the one of the finest app I have ever used. The app is named “Youlu” (seriously I even don’t know the meaning of that word).

Youlu is basically the phonebook with enhanced functionalities and better UI, saying only better wouldn’t be the proper word to describe, Just take a look at the app and you will know on your own.

The UI resembles with Opera Mobile 10 with similarities in colours but nonetheless its really the best and if the UI is better than surely one would like to use the app.

Lets talk more about the functions. The app provides easy to use contact management tools, where one can edit the contact, create the contact, add thumbnails and remove them also it provide the facilities of creating and editing group contacts. Though basic functions do not differ from what we use in default phonebook still it provides unique experience.

Another best feature of the app is that of ability of thread messaging, like the one is seen in iPhone or its Nokia alternative iSMS but I would suggest Youlu gives rich experience in messaging than that of iSMS.

Also you can mark message as favourite for future references. Moreover you can sync your contacts, message the youlu server after signing up. (we failed to sign up though).

App also provides the last contact details below the contact name as well as history of calls and messages between you and that contact.and the very best feature which I liked about this app is that you can replace your contact shortcut key (if you have E63, E72, E73 and other), so that you won’t need to go to applications directory to access.

On the downside, if you have stored your messages in the folders then you wont be able to access them through this app.

All in all what we can say is that this app is surely worth to try your hands out and once you get used to it then you wouldn’t even wish to use those default messaging and phonebook.

Most appealing thing is that the app is totally free.

You can download the app from HERE