E7 or C7? We Help you decide

Until the Nokia World this year, a major emphasis was laid around the Nokia N8, majorly because it was touted as the Comeback Device for Nokia.


While it certainly fits in the Smartphone segment, with Symbian^3 at its heart and a great set of features to boast of, i certainly deem it to be a Multimedia Smartphone. That is because of the N-series tag it carries. N-series devices are known to be great multimedia devices, albeit with semi-smartphone capabilities. The N97 sure was a disaster, but the Mini version did some good to its tag.



In best Nokia tradition, the E7 is one heck of a device. Sheer power, brilliant touchscreen, an 8MP camera, and the E-series tag – and the good looks, its gonna have admirers a lot.. Add me in the list! I’ve always been an E-series fan, for all the facilities it provides, its well justified too.


Well, coming to other device, the C7, it has the looks, and it has the power too. In my previous article , i had previewed the C7. Looks can deceive, not this time though!


On comparing the two devices, you can find a lot of similarities and differences, both at the same time. The most obvious enough being the E-series and C-series tags.

The next in line of differences is the screen size. The E7 beats the C7 hands down, in this department. Although both feature a capacitive touchscreen, the size varies. E7 has a 4” screen, while the C7 has a 3.5” one. Both fall away from the ideal sweet spot mark though – 3.7” to 3.8”. Still, a 4” screen is cool any day.



Moving on from looks and size, lets talk about the OS. Both run the new Symbian^3 operating system, a revamped and efficiently optimised Symbian^1 to say. The difference is obvious from the start – the looks and feel moves up the satisfaction ladder. This is important for Nokia and Symbian to survive and not just thrive. The double tap- single tap confusion too has been done away with. So, that’s good news.



So, both can look upto each other neck-to-neck here. The only thing that could have differentiate them both would be the processor – both have an ARM11 clocked at 680 MHz. The E7 has a graphics accelerator though..

Talking about being ‘connected’, both the devices are ‘socially integrated’. You can view all your Facebook and Twitter updates right on your homescreen. Emailing too, is at the heart of C7 and E7.

There’s another difference – E7 has a QWERTY slide-out keyboard, the C7 lacks the same.



Both come with free voice-enabled navigation with Ovi Maps for lifetime.



Entertainment too, is class. Both the devices have an 8MP camera at their back, ensuring excellent picture quality. Video recording varies though.. The E7 supports HD, the C7 does not.



So, while we tried to bring both these devices down to a common man’s understanding level, some things like OS and processor may be somewhat confusing to a normal man, who likes to keep things simple, yet stay smart. So, if you’re one of them and would want us to say which one to go for, we say, it all boils down to your needs. If you are a person who loves enterprise solutions, go for the E7 – it wont dissapoint you! If you run a tight budget, but would still want to taste Symbian^3, go for the C7 – it wont dissapoint you either, but, you’ll have to forego on screen estate and a slideout QWERTY keyboard.

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