Exclusive – How To Purchase Apps From Ovi Store In India

You might have noticed that the paid applications/games disappeared from the Ovi store and if you call them, they will tell you that they are undergoing a process to enable “Operator Billing”. It has been months since that process is going on and We are losing the opportunity to buy so many applications at discounted Price. Yup, You read it right Nokia Store provides the application with a huge Rebate, Just take an example of Gravity, Its parent site is selling it at $ 10, whereas on Ovi it is available for just Rs. 150/- . When I heard about it my eyes glittered an I was all set to buy Gravity from Ovi Store using a Reliance Sim. Since it wasn’t the Sim I generally use, I have to face o lots of problems and it took almost a week to make the first buy. Experimenting one thing and another.

Now, First of all I would tell you that How Ovi store actually works for buying the applications using “Operator Billing”. Whenever You select the application and click on buy it ask for the confirmation as shown in the two screensnaps below. Confirm it

Ovi Store Gravity

Purchase Gravity From Ovi Store

When you confirm it, you will get the following Screen, but in the background your phone would Start sending a sixteen digit code to 555550 through SMS.

Ovi Store Purchase Confirmation

The main problem which I encountered was that the message was not getting sent and after three tries, it was getting failed and I was getting the error as shown in the following images –

Now these were the problems which I encountered, and you might get those but don’t panic because if you would follow my procedure, you won’t get them.

  • If you are using some different Sim, first of all Sign out from Ovi Store.
  • Then insert the reliance Sim, and again open Ovi Store and create a New ID. But while creating the new ID you have to ensure that the number you are using should not be mapped to some other User Id. So better use a new sim or even if that number has been mapped to some other ID unmap it from http://store.ovi.com by assigning a new Mobile number (While unmapping please use a correct number, because you would get a confirmation link on that number, which you would have to click)
  • You might be wondering, why do you need a new ID, the reason is that if you are using an ID which was created using some operator other than Reliance, then you would get the error as shown in image 5 and 6. And even if u have Created your ID using Reliance Sim only, then also you may get those error, if u have ever tried to buy an application without having proper Balance.
  • So, once you have created the ID just search for the application you want to buy, Click on buy and Confirm it as shown in Figure 1 and 2. But be sure that you must have proper balance. Keep it at least Rs. 20 to 50 more than the value. Because if u try it with less balance even once, you won’t be able to buy the item even after recharging your phone and you will get Error shown in Image 5 and 6.

So, friends just give it a try and let me know, if it is helpful to you or not.