Extreme lowlight images from 808 PureView, Get, Set, Stunned!

Lately I have developed a hobby to hunt for each and every single image from Nokia 808 PureView. Found some low light samples today… oh wait they are not low light but no light actually. All of them taken at night!



The above 3 shots are at ISO 55, 59 and 100. Flash was used so noise is neither expected nor present.






The above shots were taken at higher ISO (150-550). Normally phone cameras struggle to keep noise away at 200+ ISO. They ether produce noisy images or blurred images. Even N8 struggles above +400ISO.




The last 3 images are taken at ISO420, 435 and 491. What is interesting about them is the fact that there is absolutely no noise despite the fact that flash was off and shutter speed was very slow – 1/5th of a second. Even the best point and shoot would struggle to keep up with these settings.