Foursquare And YouTube For Windows Phone Get Big Updates, YouTube Finally Is A Real App

Two more reasons for Windows Phone users and fans to be happy about. Two important apps, Foursquare and YouTube have received some important updates today.

Foursquare for Windows Phone

Foursquare gets a huge facelift, bringing with it some features to make use of the advanced hardware that Windows Phone 8 supports. It’s got NFC support to share and check-in to venues, pinning people and venues to the Start screen, Lockscreen notifications, and Speech support to find venues and check-in to them.

That seems like a lot of things, eh? The Foursquare team worked with Nokia and Microsoft and apparently, this version is optimized for Nokia’s Lumia devices. Nokia will tap into the Foursquare data to enrich its Augmented Reality experience on the Lumia phones, which seems exciting if you’re into that kind of stuff.

YouTube for Windows Phone

Next up is the YouTube app. It’s now finally a ‘real’ app. The YouTube app up until now, published by Microsoft, was simply a mobile version of YouTube. Today, it’s matured of sorts, bringing with it sign-in support, managing playlists, Kid’s Corner support with content safety level settings and pinning everything you would want to.

That’s a lot of stuff to read, eh? I’ll leave you with links to download the respective apps, if you don’t have them already.

Grab Foursquare from the Store.

Foursquare Windows Phone Store

Grab YouTube from the Store.

YouTube Windows Phone Store