Gameloft offering HUGE discount on Symbian HD games

Woot! Gameloft is offering BIG discount on most of the popular HD titles at Nokia Store. Games like Asphalt 6 and Assain’s Creed are available for Rs.25 only. Go.Download.Now !!!

  1. Spiderman Ultimate – Total Mayhem
  2. Real Football 2010 HD
  3. James Cameron’s-Avatar HD
  4. Asphalt 6-Aderaline HD
  5. Lets Golf 2 HD,
  6. Eternal Legacy HD
  7. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD
  8. Assain’s Creed HD
  9. Tom Calncy’s Hawk HD
  10. Hero of Sparta HD 
  11. Real Footbll 2010 HD

Big thanks to Luv for the tip