Geeky Ways: A Sneak Peak to Leaked Anna on N8

Ever Since, the news of unofficial leaked Anna firmware trended in my timeline on twitter, i got an inner urge to go and try it. Firstly, my idea was oppossed by most of the tech gurus on twitter. But the Geek’s urge keep on pushing me to give it a try. So, after going thro’ the tutorials of few people who has done it, i underwent the process and finally ported out my N8. So, now i will share my experience with leaked anna:-


There is not much change in the appearance of homescreen, just the icons are oval shaped which are trending on twitter for so long that now even watching it on our mobile we will not feel much difference. It has similar kind of widgets/Shortcuts with almost no change. In early days of Anna talks, it was expected that the Network/Battery indicator will tilt and take a horizontal place instead of preoccupied vertical place. But there is no such change.


One of the other significant change i notice it in Anna is that, when we start your phone for the very first time. It do something android’s way and ask for Your Ovi account credentials connecting you to for accounts in a single go rather than asking over and again, when you later on open them :-

a Ovi Store

b Ovi Music

c Ovi Mail

d Ovi Maps (Now Nokia Maps)


3. New Anna Browser

One of the significant change in Symbian Anna is its new browser. The browser is far more faster and dedicated than the previous native browser of Symbian devices. Infact, i didn’t feel the need of using Opera while using the browser. Appearance wise, They have turned it to a simple one making it a bit more spacious. It contains just an address bar with a go button on the top. And when you enter a key word, you get an option to search it via predefined search engine, before hitting the go. So, though a smart move.

At the bottom, they have removed the pane and have replaced it with two round buttons on the extrem ends , one being the back button and another which opens the setting menu. The menu is same.

There are few things which might disturb you, one is that they have totally cleared notification above the address bar, with probably just the name of website, they could have put the notifications for battery, time. And secondally one thing i have noticed is that, though like the previous version it supports multiple windows but when you open an url from some application, it tends to overwrite the previously opened page unlike few other browser like opera, which opens it in a new tab. But still they have given the browser some kind a steroid and its acting fast now.

4. Potrait Qwerty

One of the things, for which most of us are waiting for Anna is Potrait Qwerty. So as per the leaked Anna they have not disappointed in this aspect . The Qwerty Keypad is sleak and balanced :-

So, it is a sleek 5 row Potrait qwerty keypad, with the first three containing the characters, third one contains Capslock, space and backspace. The last row contains a ok button, a button to switch from alphabets to numerals and symbols, forward/backward button, a menu key to change options and an enter key.

You can easily switch to Alphanumeric keypad using hte menu key.

But even on N8 with relatively wider screen, the keys of the portrait qwerty are small and you are tend to make frequent erros if you have thick fingers or are new to qwerty keypad. But with time, you will get used to it and the accuracy will increase. But the potrait qwerty do wonders with Swype, its very much accurate and for someone like me, who is using swype for the first time, it was astonishingly accurate and fast.

5. Camera

The leaked Symbian Anna has come up with a significant change in Camera. Sadly, it has not changed the image quality or pixels of the Camera 🙂 , but still the change which it has brought may be useful for many. In the camera option i could switch off the Capture tone, which was not there in previous version. So, the Spy Pic clicker now doesnt need to install any third party software to mute the capture t0ne.

Although, the muting capture tone is the biggest difference they have mad in the camera, but still they have changed the UI into a good looking interface with new set of icons.

6. Standby Screen

Symbian Anna has brought up, notifications on the standby screen, so you wont need to install any other software like Nokia Sleeping Screen for that. You will get the notifications for, Messages, Miss Call and Calendar Entries.










7. Calendar

Symbian Anna has customerized your calendar in a very smart way. Giving you a hell lot of options to setting up birthdays, meetings and other things. Opening up the calendar gives you a month’s view and a space to tap and add an entry.


Tapping on it give you a lot of options, ranging from setting a meeting/anniversary, Subject, Duration of event, Location, Alarms etc.











So, here you can change the duration of the event from hours to days, and then can add the location using the Nokia Maps, and attachments. Unlike the previous version the Alarm has given an option in minutes, hours and days before rather than date and time in the previous one, which may be helpful for the one who need to get alarmed a certain period prior to the event and don’t want to do the calculation for entering it in time format.










8. Other Changes

In other small changes which i have noticed in Symbian Anna, a small revolving ring in the centre of screen, indicating processing when you opens some application, makes it elegant and professional.

And surely the Symbian Anna has fasten up the processing, though for me it was fast enough with the previous version too, but even if it has sped up minutely, it is significant.

The basic theme of Symbian anna is white and relatively bold text on a white background. Which is simple but atleast appeal a lot to me and it will surely impress the one who keeps it simple and love black colour.

And if you are using a symbian and a regular tweeple, one application you must be using is gravity. Which has disappointed me on this leaked symbian anna with ultra bold fonts.  Though , it is a leaked chinnesse variant of Symbian Anna, but if the original one is coming up with the same @janole need to give it a serious look.











So, overall it seems good, but not an OS which can compete the giants like Android and Apple ios. Still stay hooked for the official one, which might have something more in store for you.


Post Script: Friends, porting N8 was a very easy job. It took me just 5 minutes (if i exclude the downloading time) and to my surprise, all my contacts, applications, browser history, messages and mailboxes remain intacts (don’t know by luck or what). So for me it was just changing to a smarter and faster theme. I will be soon posting the detailed porting procedure. So watch the space !!! Comments are awaited.

A Special thanks to Nitish Kumar for inputs and few images !!!