Give Your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic The HTC Sense UI Look With vHome

It happens many a times that you get bored with the look and feel of your phone. At such times, launchers come in handy. Symbian has quite a few launchers like – SPB Mobile Shell, vHome, gDesk etc. While SPB Mobile Shell is one of the best launchers across platforms, it costs quite something. Here we have a free launcher, vHome.

Does that clock ring a bell? Does it? It does. Reminds me of HTC’s Sense UI (I totally love it). While it may not be that good, it does it’s best to emulate the same. You also get 7¬†home screens, just like the Sense UI, albeit showing you the installed apps. You get to change the skins, layout of the icons, choose the feeds you want apart from weather display.

Download the app directly from here

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