Google Close To Launching Its Own Cloud Service, Maybe Called Drive

all your data in the cloud

Google’s got dozens of web apps and services, which many of us have grown to love and live with. GMail, for example, is something I don’t think I could do without. Now it seems that the California based company has a cloud storage service up its sleeves, which it is close to launching.

Amir Efrati of WSJ reports that Google may call this service Drive (er, Skydrive, anyone? C’mon Google, not again). It will also be competing directly with Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s Skydrive. However, he doesn’t say when the service could be launched, and I do not want to speculate on that, yet.

Why does it matter anyway? Because, it’s going to be huge. Google’s going to hype the hell out of it, and it will be one of the key features of Android in the future. In-built and all. We’ll see how Google plays it out, though.

Sidenote: Anyone of you remember Ovi Files, Nokia’s cloud storage service, which existed long before Apple and others even had anything like this? How times have changed.