HipLogic Live – Hippy, Happy and Live!

In our Appomendations #2, we had included vHome, a homescreen app by Voyager. It wasn’t really was top class, but nevertheless, it was good – low on memory and a hell of customisation options available were a few things why we included in the list. Today, however, we seem to have a winner finally. Or not? Find out fellas!


Hiplogic has a couple of homescreen apps to its credit already and both of them are available for S60v3 – *Spark Beta and HipLogic Live.
To be honest, i was utterly disappointed with *Spark Beta. It was just too, too slow. And all that to view tweets and news on the homescreen with Gravity around? No. I’d rather forgo the homescreen thing and opt for speed. HipLogic Live is there though, high on our rankings.



It seems to be inspired by Sony Ericssons’ launcher. Just inspired. In HipLogic Live’s case, the li’l arrow triggers a widget tray, unlike SE’s which opens up the Menu. You get a list of pre-defined widgets like Clock, Twitter, Facebook, Weather, Finance etc. These are not just rip-offs. Infact i liked all of them, they felt innovative barring the Clock.







Hitting the right soft-key opens up apps. Many apps come like Times, MTV-UK, Astrology come pre-installed. Again, eack one of these is good looking.


A special mention here for the RSS reader – top class! Perhaps like the Google Reader. You get a set of feeds right when you shoot the app. High quality that is.






Next up are Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook app is a lot like the one by Nokia, but Hiplogic has managed to differentiate it a bit. You’ll notice that in the bottom of the screen. Pressing left/right on the D-pad brings up options like News Feed, Profile etc. Good one.





Twitter was.. pretty ok. No fuss, just what is required. But there was no Reply-to-all option, no View Profile either. I even expected Preview image on the lines of Gravity, but i guess that’s asking for too much. Nevertheless, i liked the No-fuss approach.



You can add your apps too. Find that option under ‘Options’.



Coming back to homescreen, you can choose which widget is to be displayed. At any time only one of them can be displayed. If you want to change the wallpaper, that is possible too, but can be chosen only from the ones provided. Find them under settings-wallpaper. There are almost 40-50 of them, each of high quality. Dig further if you want to optimise it even more.





As an additional feature, you get dialer feature too. And everytime you receive an sms, you get a pop-up. Nice!



At the moment, i like this solution. It is quick, is of high quality, comes with some cool apps installed, and those homescreen widgets couldn’t get any cooler! However, I’m not comparing this to the Touchscreen mobile’s solutions. These paltry 2.4” screens donot stand a chance against those 3.2”+ screens.

The bottomline however is that Nokia should atleast come out with some good solution, something that can look upto HTC’s Sense UI eye-to-eye. Seriously, that’s the need of the hour. And perhaps it could be named as Ovi UI – ultimately, we need a solution. Don’t we? Leave your opinions below. And oh, did I not say that the app is freaking free!?

I’ll not hesitate to give it a cool 9 out of 10. By far the best solution for S60v3 users. Available for both S60v3 as well as S60v5 (S^1).

Get it from the Ovi Store , now!

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