How To: Use Nokia Messaging for Email

So, now that you have a smartphone ( phew! Finally!) that can do most of the things, in a smarter way, you’d want to know if the device is smart enough to push new mails directly to your device.

Today, we are here to talk about Nokia’s solution – Nokia Messaging for Email.


Note that we are by no means here to endorse a particular brand or its products ( to all those fellas doubting us after the recent N8 case). Yes, we have been talking more about Symbian than Android, but that’s just because we dont have an Android with us for reviewing or any other thing (hint to Android phone Manufacturers).


So, what is this Nokia Messaging for Email? Well, its a push-mail service – better, simpler than the Berry’s solution, believe me. Its not a corporate solution though.. Mail for Exchange takes care of that.



Check whether your device is supported or not. Go here
If it is supported, then download the application. It will ask you to restart the device to complete installation. Follow the steps. After rebooting, go to installations and click on Email setup..


Select your provider..


Enter your email adress..


And the password,


After following these steps, something like this would be displayed..


Accept it.. And you’ll be done!!

You will need to sign up for an Ovi/Nokia account. Get it here


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