How To: Sign Applications Directly On Your Symbian

Gone are the days, when you could easily google an appropriate application/game for you mobile phone and then can enjoy it by simply installing in your symbian phone. I still remember how easily I would download various applications and install them on my Nokia 6630. But when Nokia moved to Symbian S60 Version 5 and Version 3 phones, it became very difficult to install applications available as It would start giving “Certificate” error for most of them. Necessity gave birth to the invention and soon people came out with various solution to this. And that gave birth to the dark world of hacking or flashing the phone. But in this post of mine, I would introduce an easy and a safe method to Sign the Softwares and get them installed on your Mobile.

Step 1.  Registering on

First of all open on your browser and the following page will get opened:-

Step 2. Applying for the Certificate

After creating the account Just sign in with your login credentials Click on “My Certificate” and then “Apply Cer”. On the new page enter Model Number, then IMEI ( You can get your IMEI by pressing *#0000# on your phone). Then Remark and submit the application. This process will take some time that could extend upto one day. But be patient as once you have go the certificate, Your life would be much easier in respect of installing softwares on your phone.

Step 3. Downloading the Certificate, Key and Freesigner

Once you get the Certificate, on clicking “My certificate you would get the following screen and on that you would have to download .cer, .key and FreeSigner.sisx from the encircled links.

Step 4. Signing FreeSigner Software and Installing it in your Phone

After that if you try installing FreeSigner.sisx, it will again give you the certificate error and you will curse me for wasting your time (You might have waited for a day for your certificate), but hold on guy you will get solution to it. Now click on “Signing Soft”, and in the following screen, click on your model number and then upload the Freesigner.sisx, write anything in the remarks and then click submit and upload.

It will get uploaded an you will get a link to download it. Just download it in your PC and install it on your phone using Ovi Suite or any other method you use to install softwares in your phone.

Step 5. Making your SelfSigner Ready for Signing Softwares.

After that just transfer the .key and .cer files to your mobile and save it in your mobile in a known location (Since, you have to browse for these files in FreeSigner, save it in the way that you can locate in later) . Now open FreeSigner on your mobile phone, click on option → Setting and you will get the following screen. From there give the path of the .cer and .key (transferred to your mobile from the PC) in Self Sign Cert and Self Sign Key options. And then Click Back.

Step 6. Signing the unsigned installation file and Installing the application.

Now just download the .Sis or .Sisx file of any compatible Application you want to install in your phone and transfer it to your phone, either in phone memory or memory card  in a known location (Just keep it in mind that you need to transfer the file and not install it) Now open FreeSigner, Click on “Add Task” and browse for the installation file (.sis or .sisx) Select the file Click Option → Add → Self Sign Sis and Ok.

Now your Task will be queued, now again Click Option–> Go!. Progress Bar will appear and your Task will disappear from the list and you will again get the homescreen of SelfSigner. Now just browse  down using file manager to the location where you have saved the unsigned installation file, you will get the signed installation file at that location. Just click on it and follow the instructions to installed the required application. And you Are done 🙂 You can also change the output directory as desired in the option column. Just try it and give your feedbacks.

Voila! You’re done! Hope this guide will help you! Stay Hooked!