If You Are A Smartphone User, You Also Are A Beta Tester


I love Twitter. It has been my favorite social media platform, even better than Facebook. Why? Because I have had some useful conversations here. And recently, I had another interesting conversation, but at the end of the day, the positions of the debatees remained the same – none of us could come to a conclusion, so I thought I should blog about the topic we were discussing.

Nokia recently ran a campaign in the US. Apparently, according to them, the phones not running Windows Phone OS were Betaphones, and that the end user was missing out doing what he loved. The campaign itself may have been used to draw the attention of people to Nokia’s Lumia brand of Windows Phones, but one could argue that Windows Phone OS itself is more or less a Beta software, what with it missing some basic functionality we have been used to already. But the campaign helped Nokia certainly.

But Nokia ended up being the butt of all jokes in my Twitter TL. And rightly so.

It’s sort of funny that a company using an OS that itself is half done at this moment, calls the users of other OSs as Betatesters. It makes sense that they are aggressive, but I didn’t appreciate the campaign. Why?

There’s a reason – I use Android, Symbian and Windows Phone. All the three OSs have their pluses and minuses. And neither of them could be called really complete – Android has its update issues. Symbian, well, it just doesn’t fit in anymore. Windows Phone, on the other hand, is a lot more responsive, but it is yet to achieve feature-parity with Android and Symbian.

See a common point here? All the three OSs aren’t complete, miss a thing or two, and the end user has to wait for the companies to push updates to fill in gaps. Regularly.

It would be really silly to call any one phone, a Betaphone. Every OS is a Work in Progress.