In-Store App Updates Arrive To Ovi Store

See, Nokia’s Ovi Store has survived the rapture and how. They’ve just pushed an update to the Ovi Store, making several ‘under-the-hood’ changes and some much needed features available. For starters, these apply ONLY to the Symbian^3 devices. Only. Don’t expect them to show up for your S60 or Symbian^1 device. We’re told this is the way Nokia works. So yeah.

  • App Updates for the apps download ‘from’ the Ovi Store. You can update an individual app or update all at one go. The choice is yours.

  • Improved discoverability of relevant and localized apps. ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Top Free’ categories receive the update to their algorithms

  • On the desktop site, you can now see ‘Users who downloaded this also downloaded :’ message along with the apps that fit in with the message. It’s pretty good. But the ‘Related Items’ on the client should have been tweaked. It’s pretty rubbish at the moment.

  • Arabic localization comes to S60v5 (also called as S^1) and S60v3 devices

To be honest, I’d have rather preferred the updates to be universal, across all the versions. That how ‘soon’ these will reach the other versions, remains to be seen. I have little hopes of a ‘really soon’ arrival, though.

via Ovi Publish