Intel-Samsung Hook Up – MeeGo Dies, Almost, Tizen Says Hi

TizenIntel’s as confused and clueless as a company could be. Or it’s just that it needs a good hardware partner. And who else’s better than Samsung, after Nokia walked out on them.

Well, the bad part is MeeGo will have to go through another period of transformation. The good part is Intel has got the best partner it could ask for. However, it would take another half year from now for the first Tizen powered device to come out. That, according to

The Tizen project will be hosted by The Linux Foundation, while Intel and Samsung will spearhead it. My only cause of concern here is Samsung messing the new OS with its TouchWiz UI. While no one has really said Samsung would slap TouchWiz, there’s a possibility. Also, the developers front looks bleak. And these mess ups aren’t doing this one bit good. Not one bit. Someone needs to get a hang of themselves (read: Intel). Let’s hope this time they do.