Introducing Appomendations – Top 6 Apps for your Symbian


We’ve been spending our time for days looking at some good apps that you can use on your new Symbian phones. And from now on, we would compile a weekly list of 6 must-try apps called ‘Appomendations’, for you to test over the 6 days of the week, published every Sunday, so you know where to look up, eh?

1. Spb Mobileshell

Hate symbian for its inattractive UI? Well, this one’s for you. We hate the UI as much as you do, but we admit it’s the UX that matters ultimately.
SPB, among all others, ranks pretty high on my list. It’s as if they have taken the task of increasing the productivity as well as customer satisfaction upon themselves. Nokia could learn a thing or two from them. Anyways, coming back to what we ‘should’ be talking about, SPB Mobile Shell is an interface for your smartphone. Improvising is the key here. Its simple, yet interesting. You should probably take a look at the pics below to know for yourself

500.png 501.png 505.png

You can customize it as much as you want. It comes at a price though, but it’s all worth it. Highly recommended. Period!

Price – $29.95
Download Trial ,
Full Version
or from the Ovi Store

2. Grid Touch

Don’t want to spend that much of amount? But want some eye-candy? Well, there’s ‘Grid’ for you, all for not even a single penny.

oviscreen-1-192x192.png oviscreen-2-192x192.png

Find, organize and launch all your apps blazingly fast! Organizes all app icons on the phone on a grid of 9 zoomable pages. Move from page to page by swiping up/down/left/right. Zoom out from upper left corner. Search apps using find symbol in upper left corner in zoom out mode. Move an icon by holding it for 2 seconds. Rename a page by holding the title for 2 seconds. Exit or update the Grid via offscr logo in the lower right corner.

You should definitely give this a try, it’s atleast worth that li’l effort.

Price – Free
Download from Ovi Store

3. Nokia Battery Monitor

Android has some seriously cool apps, but at the same time, a lot of things aren’t out-of-the-box, like Symbian. But one thing that Symbian has been devoid of is an App that shows and records Battery Usage stats. Not anymore, there’s Nokia Battery Monitor (finally, yay!).



Nokia Battery Monitor consists of a home screen widget and a full screen application. The widget is used for visualization of remaining battery capacity and activity estimates. The full screen application provides more details and statistics of energy usage.
Remaining battery capacity is visualized with a large high resolution battery bar and also shown in percentages. Remaining usage time estimates are provided for voice call, web browsing, music playback and the overall device usage. Remaining charging time of the battery is estimated when the charger is connected.

Price – Free
Download from the Ovi Store

4. Swype



Ya’ll know what? When i first downloaded this on 5233 XM, i was as excited as a small kid! Yes, i was! I’d heard so much about it that i couldn’t hide my excitement. A must-have app for everyone using new Symbian devices. Not recommended for older ones barring X6, for a simple reason that those have resistive touchscreens. Otherwise, a must-have!

Price – Free
Download Here

5. Podcatcher


Love that weekly podcast? Want to watch it on your mobile? Podcatcher is here to catch all that you want to watch. Available for Symbian^3 (referred to as Symbian), Symbian S60v5 and S60v3, this app has just received an update, so its all the more worthwhile to get it

Price – Free
Download for S^3,
and S60v3

6. Mazelock

thinkchange-mazelock-homescreen.jpg thinkchange-mazelock-setting.jpg

We finally come to the last app recommendation. Mazelock is an innovative (really? I thought it existed on androids already) way to unlock your phone. You get nine dots to join (not necessary that you join all) and create a pattern-lock. It’s kind of fun and secure in a way. Why this app made it to our list is that we do not know of any other app that can do so. Nifty.

Price – Free!
Download S60v5
and S60v3

Well, we sum up here. Try these out and let us know how you like them in the comments section below, that’ll encourage us 🙂
Stay Hooked!

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