The All New “JoikuSpot 2012 Edition” in [Qt]


JoikuSpot 2012 Edition - Icon In the recent few years, the need for internet usage has been high, with the urge to be socially connected while on the go. If you already have 2G/3G data allowance on your phone and are looking at ways to get your laptop online, JoikuSpot is all you needa mobile solution that turns Nokia smartphones into WLAN HotSpots.
Although JoikuSpot has been around for a while now, the latest version available is now developed in Qt and is fully compatible with Symbian Anna & Belle devices.


My JoikuSpot site

My JoikuSpot - Activate Social Media Services and View your Data Consumption

JoikuSpot lets you create a wireless hotspot on your Nokia phone, acting as a modem & using your data packet to connect your laptop to the internet anywhere, anytime. The latest JoikuSpot 2012 Edition v4.0.1185 adds a set of new features and value added services. In addition to v3.2 edition basic features, you can set data caps and user limits to your HotSpot. Access your entire JoikuSpot usage history on My JoikuSpot service, and connect JoikuSpot with Social Media. 2012 Edition also introduces JoikuNews.

JoikuSpot is available in three versions;

  • Light – ideal for casual users, open access to multiple device.
  • Premium – with WEP encryption with key length of 5-13 characters, to secure your hotspot access.
  • 2012 Edition [Qt] – set data caps (total data limit as set by your network provider) and manually configure limits (for each session) to your hotspot, along with WEP encryption.


Check out the JoikuSpot 2012 Edition Photo Gallery below:

Publisher – JoikuSoft
File Size – 0.78 MB
Price – Rs. 150
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The JoikuSpot developer just mentioned to me on Twitter, that the QA has not approved the Premium app in USA yet & it will take some time.

JoikuSpot 2012 Edition [Qt] with My JoikuSpot service is shipping now at