Just In: Nokia N9 Coming To South Africa Via Vodacom For R279 Per Month, Available By Mid September

Just in, yet another time.

First, the Nokia N9 is coming to South Africa.

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Second, Vodacom will be selling the N9 on a contract basis for a meager amount of 279 Rands, roughly translating to about $40. Of course, it is on a contract, but it is quite a low price. Look at the pic below for proof.

Nokia N9 Vodacom

Yes, you read it right. Available by mid-September. At a mere $40 (on a contract). The price is for the 16 GB version.

Image credits – @gosharpshooter

Update: The R279 price you see there is the monthly cost, not a pay-in, as it turns out. Guess I was too sleepy when I published this post.