[Updated] Just In: Nokia N9 Up For Pre-order In Singapore, At Just €299

Nokia N9 Singapore

Just in. Just in. And, just in.

I’m excited, as you may have figured it out by now. Nokia Singapore has put up a page. According to that page, the N9 is up for pre-order at a price of only €299. It is not exactly available for pre-order, as clicking on the pre-order button does nothing, at the moment. But then, they have revealed the price, which is very, very tempting. I am already considering my options.. Lets see what more comes out of it. Stay Hooked fellas!

This is the Nokia Singapore page

PS: If you want to know about the N9, do yourself a favor. Go here

Update: Nokia Singapore has just tweeted that the pricing was an error, which has now been rectified. According to them, the N9 will cost about. I am a tad disappointed. But well…

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Here’s the screenshot of the conversation Nokia Singapore had with @belon1986.

Nokia SG Twitter N9

I’ve also learn’t that the N9 will arrive in some weeks’ time. Nokia Singapore says some time in October.

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