Leaked: Nokia 703, Sporting Windows Phone

Whoo what a ‘leak’y day today. Remember Stephen Elop showing off that Sea Ray? The N9 look-alike, that is. Well, Sea Ray could have been a codename, or so it seems.

Nokia 703 leaked

I stared at the image above for a long, long time to see if I could make something out of it.

It looks like there will be..

  • A 3.7″ display
  • A 5 MP Camera that can do HD video recording at 30 FPS (not so sure about the FPS part)
  • 8 GB internal memory with 512 MB RAM

Interesting stuff. This could as well be the only Nokia Windows Phone for this year, and will run Mango, for sure. If only we could know the clockspeed and make of the processor now, though..