Lumia 710 and Lumia 800c running Tango appear in device stats

Now this news is surprising for me as well. I believed that Tango would bring Windows Phone experience to lower end hardware. I had earlier blogged about Tango running on a 800MHz  MSM7x27A chip. According to rumor mills WP7 Tango would never come to existing devices. However today I spotted WP7 Tango version 7.10.8741 running on Nokia Lumia 710 on Lynx Interactive device stats page.


This is an updated version of Tango and has never been spotted before. Another Nokia phone – Lumia 800c (which I believe is a China  specific version of Lumia 800) is also running Tango version 8730.

You might wonder how we know that these builds are Tango and not updated versions of Mango itself ? Well, any version which is 8200 or higher is Tango.So the question now is – Will Tango update extend support to lower hardware? Or will there be two different Tango versions for low end and high end smartphones?