Memories – An Intelligent Photo Browser

Memories - App LogoMemories is a click-wheel styled photo browsing app for Symbian smartphones, developed in [Qt] by FluidInteraction (who also developed – Different Tack). This photo browser learns the frequently viewed photo and automatically adds it to the favorites for easy access in a smooth UI.

Memories – a photo browser that knows which photos You love the most. Browse your photos with the wheel, and Memories will automatically learn your favorites and provides easy access to Your best photos. Memories – the smooth, cool photo experience. Try it now, and make Memories unforgettable!

When the app is opened, it goes through the splash screen to the instructions about how the app can be navigated.

Splash & Info Screen
Touch and drag the white circle on wheel to navigate through all the photos (the most viewed is indicated as white transparency line from the center to the photo), it also shows a thumbnail preview of the selected photo.
Touch the Thumbnail to view the bigger preview of photo.

Photo Thumbnail Preview
Touch the ‘rotate‘ icon (in the center) to view the photo in Landscape or Portrait orientation. The ‘squircle’ icon (right corner) opens up the system preview mode.

Photo Preview mode (Portrait or Landscape orientation)
In my opinion, the ‘Memories’ photo browser app needs a lot of RAM to function smoothly, the app needs to be tweaked to work smoothly on a Nokia N8 since it’s a camera phone on which captured photos are viewed too.
This app will probably work smoother on 1Ghz processor phones.

Nokia Store Download Link : ‘Memories’ by FluidInteraction