Microsoft Offering Nokia Lumia 710 (On T-Mobile), HTC Trophy (On Verizon) And HTC Arrive (On Sprint) For Free

Oh see, what is Microsoft offering on its online retail store! Three phone for free, on two-year contracts with three different carriers. The phones up for grabs are the Nokia Lumia 710, the HTC Trophy and the HTC Arrive, all sporting Windows Phone Mango.

Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile free

The Lumia 710 is available for free on a two year contract with T-Mobile, with monthly plans starting from as low as $10, to a max of $50. You can choose between three plans – $10/m, $30/m and $50/m.

HTC Trophy Verizon free

The HTC Trophy is available from Verizon, on a 2 year contract, with plans starting from $9.99, to a max of $49.99, per month. There are nearly half a dozen plans, so be sure you choose the right one!

HTC Arrive Sprint free

The last phone available for free is the HTC Arrive, from Sprint. Plans start from $9.99 per month to a max of $89.99, per month (or a whopping $2160 over the two year contract!)

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