Review: Monster HD Headphones – Music Is In The Air

As they say, Music is in the air all around, you only need a medium to experience the magic of the music and get mesmerised with its charisma. World has never been short of amazing Singers, Music Directors, Musicians, Lyrists and composers. We have been lucky to be bestowed with some great music over the years. Science and Technology has always given us some great instruments and devices to enjoy that music. In such an attempt, Nokia has recently come up with Monster Purity HD On-Ear Headset to take your listening experience to yet another height. Thanks to Paul at, I have got an opportunity to use the said headset. So after using it for 15 days I have following in store to share with you:-

Box Contents

It comes in a rather big package, though the contents are few. The box contains the On-Ear Headset stuffed in a Hard Shell Carrying Case, a ControlTalk Cable, Nokia AV Cable and a User Guide. Since it is a wired head set there is no charger or anything.



You people must be wondering that with so many headphones out in the market, why should you go for this pair?  I will quickly go through various points which make it inevitable to resist these headset

  • First and the foremost remarkable feature of these headsets is Full HD sound.  The music certainly sound different, clear, loud and melodious on these headsets. You won’t even miss a single beat while using it.
  • The thing that appealed to me the most is that there is no setting/volume button on the headphone (though there are control buttons on  ControlTalk Cable). So, you need not do any setting for bass, treble etc. which is a breather for a rookie like me. I am among few persons who love to listen music and doesn’t know much about the bass/treble setting. You might call it spoon-feeding, but I like the factory preset mode the most, and I guess it will beat any other setting by huge margin.
  • The other good news for you is that the connecting cables provided with the headset are not round, they are somewhat flat/horizontal and they just don’t tangle at all. Yup, you hear me right, THEY DO NO TANGLE. I practically tried it by mixing them with bunch of other wires/cables and they were the first to come out of the whole bundled with utter ease UNTANGLED. And, they are of adequate length and the mouthpiece is placed at the perfect length and you needn’t tie it up somewhere to bring it near to your mouth for better call quality.
  • The next part is the comfort part. Using these headsets is very comfortable in many aspects. The broad leather cushioned Ear Lobes fits perfectly over your ear. They are so well designed that there is minimal voice leak. the head strap is wide, made up of plastic and has leather attached on the inner side, which makes it soft to your head and due to wider strap it doesn’t get lose or move here and there. Length of both the Ear Lobes can be adjusted by pulling it in and out. The connector for the cables is on the bottom of Left Lobe.
  • It comes with two kinds of connecting cable, which make it usable with almost every music device/ Cell Phone having a 3.5mm Audio Jack with certain limitations which would be discussed in the later part.
  • Carrying  your stuff is always a problem. But these headsets come with a Hard Shell Carrying Case which has a partitioned pocket to keep the cables. It doesn’t only keep the headsets safe but also look trendy and beautiful .

I gave these headsets for a shorter period of time to various members of my family and friends to have a quick opinion about these headsets and quiet surprised by the overwhelming response I got for them. Few of the comments are:-

My Brother Akhil Vashisht said

“I am a person who spends majority of his free time listening to music. I have used various headsets and music players to listen to my favourite music. When my brother gave me this pair of monster headsets, I felt the power of it, to me it was the real monster among the headsets, it fits so well on my head and over the ear. The sound quality, clarity and loudness is up to the mark. I am a person who is very possessive about music and the fact that due to the shape of the ear lobes there is almost no sound leak makes me sure that my music falls in my ear only :P.  I must say that these headsets really adds HD Effect to music”


My 14 year Cousin Aryan Sharma was thrilled to use it

” I always love loud music. Loud and clear music fills me up with energy, but with the headsets I have used in the past louder meant shattered and disturbed sound quality with lots of sound leak. This has always been annoying for me and people sitting beside me. But these Monster Headsets are hell different I can listen to every beat, chord. It is far clearer and melodious even at the maximum volume. These headsets are simply awesome.”


After using it over a period of 2 weeks, I have come across few limitations or drawbacks of these headsets.

  • Since, I have used it in extreme hot conditions i.e. at about 40-45 degrees Celsius, the large-sized cushioned ear-buds make you wet a lot. Though it is a place and condition specified problem and hence can be ignored by majority of us. But still it would be difficult to use them in extreme hot conditions.
  • The size of the headsets will make you bit reluctant to use it at public places.
  • The major drawback is somewhat limited usability. The  ControlTalk Cable which has Volume controls for Music/Calls and Call Start/End and Play/Pause button works only with window phones. This cable doesn’t work with other phones/devices. Though the box contain a Nokia AV cable which works with every other device yet it can only be used for hands free calls and listening to the music, there are no control buttons on it. So, it is basically a perfect windows phone accessory which works well with some limited usability with other devices.



If you are a real music lover and you have been looking for a perfect device then this is the one device you should go for. And, if you own a Nokia Windows Phones then this is a must have accessory for you.