More on The Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 that was re-leaked yesterday, here we have, more pics! Now, we could get some more info, if Nokia was willing to.

What we could make outta these images, was:
1. Its an ‘official’ prototype.
2. Its N9 now, officially.
3. Has a 3.5” to 3.7” capacitive touchscreen.
4. According to well, no one, its running Symbian^4 most probably. This assumption is based on the fact that series like N8, N9.. so on will be running Symbian and series like N900 and its successors will be running Meego and/or maemo.
5. Another thing that we noticed was that the prototype supports charging in USB mode too. Now that’s something that’s getting more and more common with Nokia these days.
6. Sliding screen like the N97, but the top screen is totally like the N8’s!! No one noticed that!!

These are some images that well sum up our assumptions.

nokia_n9 (5).jpeg

nokia_n9 (6).jpeg


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