Nokia 808 PureView To Be Sold In 81 Countries ’round The Globe, North America And UK Missing From The List

Nokia’s ‘Product Availability’ page is really cool. They show us a Map of the world, and you can check if it’s available in your country or not by click on that area of the map.

Nokia 808 PureView Global Availability

Cool stuff aside, Nokia is going to sell this pièce de résistance in 81 countries – I didn’t expect the number to be that high, so yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised. That apart, there is no North America and UK in the list, which could be disappointing for many fans. I know, Symbian is on its death bed now, but it doesn’t mean you should not sell the 808 PureView in these places. Because, let’s admit it, people will be buying this because of the splendid camera and some may also buy it because of the fact that it will be the last Symbian smartphone from the Finns.

Here’s the list, nonetheless –

Starting with Africa –

Next up, Asia Pacific –

..Europe –

And Middle East –

Source – Nokia via @joaoluisc