Nokia BH-905i – Welcome the Music God!

What would you do if the entire world was to turn musical? You’re heart would perhaps beat to the beats of the music then! That sounds a golden fantasy doesn’t it? But it’s amazing at the same time. Amazing fantasies don’t come true, do they? Well, hold your breath folks. There’s something we have that promises to do just that! Enter BH-905i, which I fondly call the Music God.

No, it doesn’t create music. It rather takes care of every beat, just like a mother would do to her ‘Just Born’. This isn’t a review guys, it’s a saga, a tale of music itself.The BH-905i is a product from Nokia’s stable, and the gracious people over at WomWorld/Nokia decided to give it us to review. Pretty thanks guys.Right from the time i saw the casing of this MGod (Music God fellas), the least i could say was, ‘Wow’. Ofcourse you’re paying a lot for an accessory, but this ain’t ordinary. And there are many examples i could give for which one pays a lot, but still, doesn’t get a bang for his buck. As you open the casing, you’ll find the headset resting along with another casing. There you’ll find two chords to connect your new acquisition.

Ofcourse you can even connect it via Bluetooth, but if you’re looking for unadulterated, ultimate music experience, you’re suggested to use the supplied chords. Also, the Active Noise Cancellation, i.e., ANC won’t work if you’re connection via Bluetooth (it didn’t for me).

Huh? Am I being too geeky? Wait. I’ll explain what this ANC or Active Noise Cancellation is all about, blow by blow. In the meantime, go order your BH-905i now, and get the Musical God home. Do that, you can thank me later!

Active Noise Cancellation is known as Active Noise Control, Active Noise Reduction as well. It is used to reduced unwanted sound, more useful when you want to concentrate on the music or whatever you maybe listening to.

That's what does ANC

Basically, sound is a pressure wave, conmprising of a compression phase and a rarefaction phase. What ANC speakers do is emit an inverted wave of sound with the same amplitude of that of the unwanted sound. This, in effect, cancels out the sound. But hey, it’s so faint that you won’t even know about it. Cool na? That’s what BH-905i did to achieve the ‘Musical God’ status. It does what it is intended to very, very impressively.