Nokia C5 Review – Hardware, Camera etc

Yesterday, we mentioned how the C5 left us impressed. Simple, subtle yet oozing style. You’d certainly do good to gift it to your girlfriend (pssst..that’s what my sister said when I gifted it to her). The first impressions were quite good, Infact very good. What about the Hardware? Is it really upto the mark? We’ll let you know what we think about it in the second part of the review. Read on..


I can haz Metal!

C5 is a mix of metal and plastic. There’s a metal rim running on the phone’s border, making it look elegant and strong at the same time. The device is really light too (89g), but you get used to it soon enough.


The battery cover is the other metal part on the phone. The 3.2 MP EDoF camera sits pretty above the battery cover. There are two speakers placed exactly below the battery cover, separated by a latch used to open the cover.Opening the battery cover reveals a 1050 mAH power source that can run the phone for a whole day with an hour of talking, an hour of browsing and 20 MB downloads, all this with Gravity running in the background (4 accounts set, update interval being 15 mins). That’s more than enough for an average user.


The Keypad is a Delight

Looking at the face of C5, you’ll notice the delighting keypad first. That’s one of the best parts on it. The keys are big and they instantly grow on you. This reminds me of E52, which IMO has one of the best T9 keypad. And the C5 can well claim to be the runner-up.


Display, Front cam and the Ear piece

Above the keypad is a 2.2” display, of QVGA resolution. The display unit used here is TFT LCD, that disappoints us a bit. Sunlight readability takes a beating. One cannot even see the images when outdoors. But while indoors, it changes its behaviour. By a big margin at that. Positively bright, any competition in it’s range is beaten comfortably. Top class indoors, poor outdoors.


There’s the video call camera slightly above the display and on the right to the ear piece, of VGA quality that is just OK. The in-call quality of the ear piece is trademark Nokia – better among the best in business.

The Connectivity Maestro

Taking a look at the top reveals a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, so you can use your favorite headset with it. You’ll find a 2.5 mm charging plug to the extreme right, with a standard USB jack sitting in the middle. All these ports are exposed though.


The left spine has been left bare. Its ‘Right’ counterpart consists of Volume Rocker, which is a tad hard to press, so you cannot use it properly without looking at it. Below it is the Memory Card slot which has capacity to handle 16 GB cards. Be warned, the cover is a bit delicate. Any fussing with it may well break it. I almost did.

Surprise Surprise! EDoF is a pleasure!

Moving on, the 3.2 MP camera the C5 has is a Fixed Focus, or as Nokia calls it, is EDoF. There’s an LED flash too. The tiny flash surprised me everytime I clicked a pic. Low light picture quality is one of the best I’ve seen on a 3.2 MPer. That is because the Flash Is really strong. It is tiny, but it is powerful. Hence you can stop worrying about clicking low-light images. There’s Sequential mode along with Panorama (!!). Camera opens pretty fast, thanks to the 600 MHz processor. Video recording is of VGA resolution @15 FPS. Here are some camera samples that you may want to check out (no cropping, low light clicks included as well).

Check out this, there were some problems with my browser so I couldn’t upload the pics here. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

Coming to the loudspeaker, they are located just below the battery cover. They aren’t really loud though. Sound quality through headphones is OK (using the ones provided in the box).

We sum up the Hardware part here. Look out for the next part where we cover Software and some apps we liked. Stay Hooked!