Nokia C5 review – Software, Multitasking and Final words

By now you must have come to know that the C5 runs on Symbian S60v3 FP2. Oh let me make it simple – you have sheer multitasking prowess in your hands. Symbian never disappoints when it comes to working. It’s just that it lacks eye-candy. But then, isn’t it OK if you do something efficiently? It is.

Menu, File and App Management

The menu is trademark Symbian – it is hierarchical – unlike Androids and iPhones which have flat menus. Any application that you install finds it’s way under ‘Installations’ folder. There’s the File Manager too with all the cut-copy-paste tools, right out of the box. This is something that i missed dearly during my li’l stint with Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 Mini. There’s App Manager too – letting you control all the installations and helping you to view the installation history too. So, the power user will never be disappointed.


Also, there’s a lot of playing around that one can do in Settings. There’s a Software Update app that lets you know if there are any apps that need to be updated, including the Firmware of the device.


Then there is Active Standby too. You can select between various setups – Horizontal contacts bar, vertical bar, etc. Talking about eye-candy, you can select different menu style – grid, list, v-shaped, horseshoe etc. The latter two are there but I found them a bit confusing.

Productivity Galore

There are the usual suspects present here – Calendar, Notepad, Quick notes, Quick Office (read only), Adobe PDF viewer, Calculator, Dictionary and many more. You’re not short productivity options here, are you?

The Gallery is a bit of a pick from the N series. You can toggle between pics way easier than you can on FP1 devices. Throw in Realplayer to the mix and you can boast of watching movies too!


The Phonebook is a plain-jane affair – nothing that you could show off, but something that you will never run out of either. There’s Smart Dialer too. As soon as you start typing on the Homescreen, relevant Contacts show up, saving a lot of time. Nice, nifty and Classic E series experience.

Web, Games, and Facebook

Now talking about Web (Symbian’s Native Browser), you can add, remove bookmarks, RSS feeds too. It was fast, but not really to my liking (Opera Mini to be blamed). There’s a Facebook app just like the one on E72. It works, but I miss a notifications bar badly. Two games come pre-loaded – Brain Challenge and Bounce Tales. While the latter is very famous, the former is good too. I could spend 2 hours a day playing that!

Bring on Multitasking!

Multitasking takes centre stage when there’s a mention of Symbian. You can toggle between apps by simply long pressing the ‘Home’ button. Doing so, you’re provided with the icons of all the open apps. Nifty. (mind you, Android is poor at multitasking)

Messaging, where were you?!

Messaging is the core aspect of this device. The comfy keypad justifies it rightly. You can send MMS, SMS and audio messages out of the box. Emailing is a pleasure too. Nokia Messaging for Email is a delight and beats the competition hands down. Then there’s Chat for IMing your Yahoo!, MSN, Gtalk and Ovi friends at the same time. And oh, did we say this device has GPS? It comes with Ovi Maps lifetime turn by turn Navigation! Add Nokia Own Voice and you’re more closer to your device than ever. Sports tracker will take care of your fitness needs too. The music player is good, but like Symbian lacks eye-candy.

Final Words

So what you have in your hands is a killer mobile (in its range). EDoF works and how! I’m happy that I gifted it, and you too can, and you’ll win her heart right away! Super buy if you’re on a budget, or otherwise too!

PS: Apologies readers, images don’t seem to be showing up as of now. We’ll do our best and bring them up as soon as possible. Stay Hooked!