Nokia E5 Review – Part III – Software

After the First Impressions and Hardware parts, here we come to the third and the most important part of the review – the Software. No matter how good the hardware is, the performance is determined by how good the software is. Well, for starters, Symbian has been efficient, though lacking the eye candy here and there. It just gets the work done, and in a very easy, simple way.

Powered by a 600 MHz processor and Symbian S60v3 FP2 (Feature Pack), and abundant RAM at 256 MB, you’ll never crib about the phone being slowed down. Flipping through apps is a breeze. And I managed to multi-task with over 22 apps open. Now, that is what I call power. The phone did slow down a bit though, but it was still very fast.

The ‘Home’ button can be used to switch between apps, all you gotta do is long press it for a couple of seconds and you are presented with a list of open apps. Simple. Also, everytime you press the ‘Options’ button, the top of the list says ‘Show Open Apps’, everytime. This is a bit annoying though. But still, it is good to have alternatives.


One of the major attractions of the Eseries has been the Active standby mode. Now with the E5, you get 6 different Modes, including Active and Basic standby. There are Horizontal, Vertical Icon bars, a Talking theme and a Contacs Bar, all of which can be customized to your hearts’ content.







Moving on, there’s the traditional phonebook with it’s ‘oh so many’ options. You’ll never run out of options here. Also, you can link your Facebook contacts directly in your Phonebook (which is a relief) using the Facebook app. If the app fails to link a particular contact, you can always do so by highlighting the contact and selecting Facebook from options. The phonebook gives you a plethora of options, but lacks any, just any sort of eye candy. Boring to say the least.


Apart from the usual contacts, you also get Microsoft Communicator and Ovi Contacts in the phonebook. While Communicator maybe of some use, Ovi Contacts is not really so. Not many people use it. But you can get in touch with your Gmail contacts as they are supported.




For starters, Multimedia has never been the forte of Eseries. However, for an average user, the options one gets are more than enough. The Image gallery is great, with some sort of 3D effect ala Nokia Photo Browser. There’s Radio as well as Internet Radio, so that even while you’re on the move, you can always switch on your favorite station.


If you have to watch videos, there’s Realplayer. And not to forget, there’s Music player and Podcasting thrown in.



Office Suite

Talking about Eseries and not mention the Office Suite that comes with it, is a Crime. So, you have a full version of Quickoffice with which you can not only read documents, but Edit them and write new ones as well. Play around with spreadsheets, create presentations, do it all with this li’l bunny.


Apart from Quickoffice, you have Active Notes, a Notepad, all to write down your thoughts or some quick notes. Apart from these, there’s a Calculator and a great File Manager. There’s a Converter thrown in as well.



The E5 we got had quite a few pre-installed applications like Shazam, AP Mobile, Psiloc World Traveller, Bloomberg, Font Magnifier, and Vlingo Voice. Pretty good stuff.




Lookout for our next part where we cover various Connectivity options and the 5 MP EDoF camera. Stay Hooked!