Nokia E5 Review – Part V – Usability and Final words

With all the major parts already over, here we are, to the final installment of our 5 part E5 review. From impressing us with it’s looks, iy was wonderful reviewing the E5. Again, we thank WomWorld/Nokia for lending it to us.


The First impressions, as you all may know by now, were really good. The combination of plastic-metal seems just right. The keypad is excellent. The camera is more than enough for an average user. AF fans won’t like it though. The RAM has been doubled from that of E72, hence anyone wishing not to encounter memory issues should look over to E5. With memory issues sorted out, it definitely is faster, and feels as well. To top it all, the build is strong, meaning you would not mind using it in tough conditions. The battery backup is the usual E-series class – it just goes on and on.

For the price it is retailing at, the E5 is a killer bang for buck. If you’re ready to make some compromises (the AF camera, an FCC, and the looks of E72) and want speedy performance, we recommend E5 over E72. We rest our case.

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