Nokia Lowers Quarter 1 Outlook Amid 2 Million Lumia Sales – Elop Pledges Counterstrike

Nokia Lumia 900 and Elop

There’s lots of Nokia in the news today. The company launched the Lumia 610 NFC, and yesterday, they launched a $21 mobile phone.

Not everything is positive, though. The company announced its outlook for the Quarter 1 of 2012. And boy does it look bad. The company says it has sold $5.5 Billion worth phones, out of which, $2.27 are from smartphones, and the rest from feature phones. The numbers, however, aren’t that good. Nokia will not be able to break-even this quarter, falling short by about 3%.

Elop says this is due to the painful transition, and that it may spill over to the second quarter as well. But there’s one positive – Lumia sales touched the 2 Million mark, which is actually a very positive sign. Just how positive, and if it will be enough to propel Nokia back in the green, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Elop also pledged counterstrike. Like Anssi Vanjoki also did, once. Here’s hoping it’s not just another empty pledge.

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