Nokia Lumia 720 Camera Samples – A Lot Of Good, And Some Grainy

I’m currently reviewing the Nokia Lumia 720, which runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. I got the yellow one, and it’s not gaudy, as I’d initially thought it to be. Rather, it’s really good, and is sort of a very good change from my boring grey Galaxy Nexus. People? They like the colour a lot, and the device feels very good in the hands.

Nokia Lumia 720


I digress. This is not a review, it’s about the much-talked-about camera that the Lumia 720 comes with. It’s got a wide F/1.9 aperture, supposedly the widest on a mobile phone yet. It’s a 6.7 MP camera, so there will be some grainy images, yes, but the colours are pretty good, and in my experience, they’re truer than say, the HTC (Windows Phone) 8X, the camera of which I want to forget.

Below are some images clicked in good light, low light and zero light, showing how the Lumia 720 performs in the said three conditions.

My opinion? For the asking price, which is about INR 18,000 at the time of writing, it’s a pretty good shooter. I wouldn’t mind taking it to capture memories. It’s noob-proof, and at the same time, it does a good job of clicking pictures, and videos. More on videos later, and I’m pretty, pretty impressed by the quality.