Nokia Monster Purity HD Headset Review

Nokia Monster Purity HD WH 930

Nokia’s known for making quality accessories, and the Nokia J, the Luna, the Play 360s, the Purity stereo headsets etc, are good examples. Hey, wait, I forgot the BH-905i. We’d reviewed it back then, and the Active Noise Cancellation won us over. Here we have the Purity HD headsets for review, made in partnership by Nokia and Monster. How do they fare? Read on to find out.

Nokia Monster Purity WH930

I’ve been using these Purity HD headsets for a couple of weeks now, and I’m pretty impressed. The headsets look premium, although it’s glossy plastic. They sit comfortably on the ears, and aren’t actually a pain to wear. I’ve always had this gripe with on-ear headsets – wearing them and listening to music is not that much of a peaceful experience as it should be. One, they are pretty heavy. Two, the ear cushions. They’re not always soft, and don’t sit properly many a times. These Purity HDs solve the second problem. ‘Course, they’re bound to be heavy, but the comfy ear cushions help you ignore that to an extent. Happy ears, happy mind, they say. (okay okay, I made that up.)

Nokia Monster Purity HD WH930

The packaging is pretty over-the-top though, probably to signify that these pair of headsets are good. Or premium. I’m guessing, but yeah. There’s a guide inside, and a box, to pack the headsets and carry them, if you’d like to. The box itself is not as huge as the outer one, though, so it’s pretty much portable. And you get two standard 3.5mm cords. No, no extra pins, you cannot remove them, unlike on the BH-905i.

Nokia Monster Purity HD WH930

The sound quality is great, like I mentioned, but your mileage will vary depending on the source and the quality of the tracks you play. I can testify it works with Android, Windows PC, and Windows Phones, apart from the Symbian phones, and pretty awesome at that. Yes, my ears do love them, but yeah, it does start feeling a bit heavy after a while. Could be just me, though – I don’t always use headphones/headsets (neither in-ear, nor on-ear) – I prefer the speaker.

The headsets are available in 4 different colours – White, Black, Magenta and Cyan. We got the Cyan version, and they look pretty awesome. I like Cyan a lot, so yeah. The issue with this is the price – it’s listed on Nokia’s online store at INR 11,420, which is a tad too high, but if you’re looking for great sound and comfort, then these Monster Purity HDs are great.