Nokia reaffirms its commitment towards Symbian, we stand vindicated

The Finnish giant has finally gone official about it’s long standing commitment towards the world’s most loved mobile Operating System – The Symbian OS.


While we certainly didn’t need anyone to say what believed in already, this announcement from Nokia should do good to put the Rumour Mills to an end. In our previous article , where we had laid emphasis on the fact that Symbian’s certainly not dying, as reported by many reputed blobs, today’s announcement is vindictive of our stand, and yes, it certainly feels good.

As Symbian Foundation announces changes, a new era of Symbian development and innovation begins

Certainly, not a lot of us could see that coming and hence the rumours grew thick and fast.

The future of Symbian as a platform does not depend on the existence of the foundation

What does that mean? Simple enough. Nokia will take care of the Symbian Foundation from now on, officially. The exit of Samsung and Sony Ericsson has made it quite obvious, though the official announcement has come a little late.

The changes announced by the foundation have no impact on Nokia’s Symbian device roadmaps or shipping commitments. The platform powers hundreds of millions of smartphones – including our own – and we expect to deliver ongoing support and innovation benefitting the Symbian ecosystem in the future

What does all of this mean to the end-user? More updates, better usability and overall satisfaction. Drop by and ask us any questions you may have, we’ll try to answer them. Stay Hooked as I like to say!

PS: Just a small piece of info, the much awaited Nokia E7 will be released by December this year. So, if you’re wanting to get one before Christmas, you maybe just lucky. Tip us if you have any ‘exclusive’ piece of info about the same. Cheers!

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