Nokia, Samsung, Huawei And HTC Will Make The First Windows Phone 8 Devices

WP8 Nokia Samsung Huawei HTC

Microsoft revealed in its Windows Phone Summit held yesterday that 4 OEMs will be the first to come out with phones running its latest version of Windows Phone, v8 aka Apollo. The four OEMs are Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC.

No major surprises there, except for Huawei, who are going to come out with some exciting, yet affordable stuff, in the coming months, from what I’ve learnt. That aside, it does seem like LG is bailing out. And is being replaced by Huawei, which should bode well for the Windows Phone ecosystem. LG’s phones are no longer desirable, and Huawei will let WP penetrate the Chinese market, which is important. Win-win situation, really.

These Windows Phones running Apollo should be launched this fall, when Microsoft releases Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. Expect some tablets as well!

On the chipsets side, Qualcomm continues to power Windows Phones, and as revealed yesterday, Windows Phone 8 has got multi-core support. But from the chatter, it’ll be dual core, for now. Can’t wait for more details to trickle in!