Nokia Says The Price In The ‘Source Code’ Of 808 PureView Page Is ‘Dummy’

You’d remember we broke the story about the price of the Nokia 808 PureView, by going through the source code of the page of its online store. GSM Arena, Fonearena, BGR and many others also posted about it, sourcing us. It became known all over the blogosphere.

But here comes the denial – a spokesperson from Nokia India has denied that the PureView will be priced at INR 29,999. They have an explanation, and I’m quoting them (Source: IBN Live)

We outsource certain chores, and for that we have to give price related information. So, in such cases, we furnish a dummy price, and not the actual (true) price. In this case also (the one mentioned in the source code), Rs 29,999 is a dummy price and the 808 Pureview will not be available for this price

I wasn’t going to really post this up here, seeing it’s a standard industry practice to deny any such ‘leak’ – it was not even a leak. We obtained information directly from their site. Anyway, I have a question –

Why place a dummy price in the first place? The information was not visible to the normal viewer/visitor to the site, and placing the said price in the source code doesn’t make any sense. Why not just leave value of the price empty, like it is now?

nokia 808 pureview price

That statement is certainly questionable.

I’m also informed that the MRP will be around 32,000 INR. I still believe that the online store price will be 30,000. And if it doesn’t turn out to be true, and the information that I have, that the MRP will be 32,000, and Dealer Price INR 28,000, we won’t be that off the mark.

Either ways, we love the 808 PureView (we played with it in the Reviewer’s workshop, and were mindblown by the quality), and we have nothing against anyone. We’re doing just what we like to do. Hope you like our work.