Nokia’s Qt Blog Promises To Give Away An ‘Unannounced’ Device To 5 Lucky Respondents

Qt is one of the better things to happen to Nokia in the recent times, and this has been widely acknowledged. And to leverage on this, Nokia’s Qt Blog has announced some goodies to the participants. All they want you to do is:

  • Take the Qt SDK survey
  • Tell them about your experience
  • Let them know what’s good, bad and what you’d like to be implemented

As simple as that, ain’t it. It’s aimed at developers, but of course.

The goodies include

  • Every survey respondent gets 250 Qt Developer Network points
  • 5 lucky developers who’ve responded will get a ‘as yet unannounced’ Nokia. It’s not Symbian, they say.

Intriguing, as it is. What could be the unannounced device? My bets are on the N9/N950, the MeeGo device. It has been promised by Nokia that they’d release one MeeGo device this year. So yeah. It could very well turn out to be the N9/N950

via Qt Blog