Ovi Suite Receives An Update, Brings In Direct Download And Installation Of Apps

Ovi Suite may be one of the better suites across manufacturers to manage your device on the PC. For example, I’ve heard zillions scream how iTunes sucks. But anyways, that’s not the point. Nokia Betalabs has released an update that brings some more features and fixes some bugs. It’s a Beta version, so there may be some bugs. But generally, it has been known to not be that buggy.

Here’s the official Change Log:

  • The direct download and installation of free Ovi Store apps, games, and more from the Nokia Ovi Suite home view to your connected phone. Just sign in first with Nokia account.
  • A simplified Maps view. You can instantly see which maps you have on your phone.
  • Support for quicker and smaller Nokia Ovi Suite updates (patch support). For example, Nokia Ovi Suite can be updated from the Nokia Ovi Suite release to Nokia Ovi Suite with an update package that is considerably smaller in size. Updating naturally takes place more swiftly. Major updates to Nokia Ovi Suite, like updating Nokia Ovi Suite to Nokia Ovi Suite still require the download of the full update package.
  • Lots of error corrections. For example, over 30 crash errors have been fixed in this release.

I didn’t like how only a few, ‘Recommended’ apps are shown, though. That severely limits the number of apps you can install. Either ways, give it a try.

Download Ovi Suite 3.1.1 from Nokia Betalabs