Paid Apps Appear.. And Then Disappear From The Indian Ovi Store

Something happened yesterday afternoon. Right when I had entered my class, I was notified by someone that paid apps had appeared on the Indian Ovi Store.

It was something important, as the users here in India were not able to access paid apps (and their purchased apps as well) for the past 6 months or so. Only users of an operator, Reliance, were able to access them a couple of months back or so.

I did try to re-download the apps I’d purchased, but all in vain. I was asked to buy them again, which sort of infuriated me, considering I had shelled out a lot already.

And again in the evening, I was notified that Nokia had pulled the paid apps again.

Could as well turn out to be a joke, considering they were working on bringing a mechanism to enable operator billing, which was not available when the apps appeared for some time, yesterday. The only purchasing options were either through a Visa or a MasterCard.

So much for operator billing, eh Nokia?