This Could Be A Prototype Of Something Called Nokia Lumia 950

Take this with a pinch of salt and then some. Something called the Nokia Lumia 950 is in the works, and what looks like an image of it has leaked onto the internet.

Nokia Lumia 950 Prototype

Adding to the details, it’s the standard Windows Phone buttons which caught my eye at first look. The Windows button looks like a real button rather than the capacitive ones Nokia and HTC have been using of late. The Search button is rounded too, and probably the Back button as well.

Moving on, the source says that it could come with an AMOLED variant of the PureMotion HD display, of 1280×768 resolution. There might be 2 GB RAM as well, 2x of the current maximum RAM. It also looks like there will be some improvements in the camera department.

So, looking at it, there’s a lot of ‘could be’, ‘possible’ etc, but it’s only the first rumour and the first image to have made it to the internet. It should either improve from here, or be completely quashed.

What do you think?