Quickoffice Pro For Android Updated To v5.5 – Lots Of New Features Added

One of the first apps I used on my first smartphone, the Nokia E63, was Quikoffice. Nokia’s E-series phones have been coming with the full version of Quickoffice pre-loaded, and soon enough, I fell in love with both the app, and the E-series smartphones, because I would be doing a lot of writing on the go. It’s that awesome. And, it just got more awesomer. Okay, incorrect word, but yeah.

Quickoffice Pro for Android v5.5

The Android version of the app received a lot of new features today, including Spell check, and a dozen other features. Here’s the change-log:


  1. Add/edit/remove comments
  2. Select text and highlight
  3. Insert shapes


  1. Spellcheck
  2. Display charts in.docx
  3. Edit line spacing
  4. Create and edit tables


  1. Insert numbered lists
  2. Display groups of items
  3. Duplicate slides in PPTX
  4. Insert and rotate extended set of shapes


  1. Move, resize and delete charts in spreadsheets
  2. Update charts when referenced data is changed in spreadsheets

Quite a good update to have, and, like I always say, any update is nice.

If you already have the app, you can update it from the Play client on your device. If not, you can buy it for $15 and $20 for phones and tablets respectively – For Phones ; For Tablets